Getting from A to B

There are more transportation options available in Allegheny County than we sometimes think, but until now, there was no one-stop-shop to get information on what’s out there. A to B is an online concierge tool to help riders find options based on their needs, preferences, and abilities. The tool currently includes 28 options from 20 transportation providers in the county, including those serving older riders, riders with disabilities, and more. The tool was developed in collaboration with transportation providers and advocates.

To use A to B, visit, answer a few questions, and get a list of options that may work for you. A to B is free and anonymous, and takes about 10 minutes to use. It is not designed to plan a specific trip, but rather to connect riders with possible options.

This tool is part of the work of Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh, which brings people of all ages together to make our neighborhoods more inclusive and respectful of every generation.