The Connections Program provides ACCESS service for anyone with
a disability age 17 to 64 who does not have Pittsburgh Regional Transit
(PRT) bus service in their area, or who is traveling to an area without PRT
bus service. Connections is sponsored by Pittsburgh Regional Transit
with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
Connections Program
Connections Service
Riders can use ACCESS service for any
destination within Allegheny County, and
destinations in adjoining counties within 1.5 miles
of the county line. Rides are available seven days
per week, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. There are no
restrictions on the purpose or number of trips.
The type of service available depends on the
details of your planned trip. When using the
Connections Program, you can take:
An ACCESS ride to the closest accessible PRT
bus or light rail stop if the bus stop is more
than ¾ mile from your home or destination,
where you’d then board the bus or light rail.
A direct ACCESS ride from your origin to your
destination if: the trip on the bus is less than
ve miles and would take you more than 90
minutes; if there is no bus service at all; or if
there is no bus service within an hour of the
time you need to travel.
Travel Planning and Help with Navigation
ACCESS program sta are available to help you
determine trip eligibility, and to help plan your
trips. They can assist with:
Determining the best PRT bus routes to use for
your trip
Deciding which bus stop to use for your origin
or destination
Choosing accessible stops with amenities like
seats and shelters
Scheduling the ACCESS trip to get you to and
from the bus stop or directly to your destination
Application Process
Connections Program applicants complete an
application form, and provide proof of age and
verication of a disability. Verication can come
from your health care provider, your school
district (as an IEP), or an agency from which you
receive disability-related services.
Application forms can be requested and
submitted by mail, online or in person at the
ACCESS program oce.
Please visit for important information about service, safety, additional
program options, and more. You can also call (412) 562-5353 or TTY 711.
Revised May 2024
ACCESS Transportation Systems
Centre City Tower
650 Smitheld Street, Suite 440
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3907
(412) 562-5353
T T Y 711
8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Need Help?
If you need help understanding ACCESS
programs or with any part of the application,
please call (412) 562-5353 or TTY 711.
All materials are available upon request in
accessible formats (Large print, Braille, Word
or Text les via e-mail).
ACCESS Service Amenities
Amenities include:
Door-to-door service, with driver assistance
throughout journey
Real-time trip tracking and alerts for trip arrival
and departure
Hand-to-hand service for riders who can’t be
left unattended
Electronic fare payment, so riders don’t have to
handle fares on-board
Fleet of lift-equipped vans and sedans
Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s Accessible
Public transportation in Allegheny County has
become more accessible and PRT is committed
to providing service that everyone can use.
Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA), improvements in accessibility make
traveling on buses and light rail vehicles easier
for all riders.
For everyone’s benet, drivers are required
to announce major stops, intersections
and connecting points and any other stop
requested to help riders recognize their bus
stop or point of transfer.
Priority seating is available for riders who have
diculty standing on the bus.
Every PRT bus is equipped with a kneeler and
a ramp to assist riders who use wheelchairs or
those who have diculty getting up and down
the step.
Reserved spaces with securements are
available for riders who use wheelchairs
Ongoing improvements to PRT stops and
stations improve accessibility.