The ADA Program provides ACCESS service for individuals whose
disability prevents them from using Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT)
bus or light rail service either all of the time, temporarily, or under
certain circumstances. ACCESS ADA service is part of PRT’s family of
services including bus, light rail, and inclines.
ADA Program
Revised May 2024
Please visit for important information about service, safety, additional
program options, and more. You can also call (412) 562-5353 or TTY 711.
Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s Accessible
Public transportation in Allegheny County has
become more accessible and PRT is committed
to providing service that everyone can use.
Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA), improvements in accessibility make
traveling on buses and light rail vehicles easier
for all riders.
For everyone’s benet, drivers are required
to announce major stops, intersections
and connecting points and any other stop
requested to help riders recognize their bus
stop or point of transfer.
Priority seating is available for riders who have
diculty standing on the bus.
Every PRT bus is equipped with a kneeler and
a ramp to assist riders who use wheelchairs or
those who have diculty getting up and down
the step.
Reserved spaces with securements are
available for riders who use wheelchairs
Ongoing improvements to PRT stops and
stations improve accessibility.
People with disabilities pay half fare, and
people age 65 and over ride free!
ACCESS ADA Program Eligibility
Disability alone does not create eligibility.
Individuals must apply and be found eligible
according to ADA guidelines, which require
that functional ability to use bus service be
evaluated. It is not a medical decision.
If you are determined eligible for ACCESS ADA
service, you will receive one of the following
types of eligibility:
Conditional Eligibility: You are able to use
buses for some of your trips. You are not able
to use the bus in circumstances where there
is a barrier that prevents you from getting to
and from the bus stop. (For example, if you use
a wheelchair and there are no curb cuts at the
corner where you cross the street.)
Unconditional Eligibility: Your disability
always prevents you from using the bus
independently, even with training.
Temporary Eligibility: You have a disability
that temporarily prevents you from using the
bus, or you are participating in training to learn
to ride the bus.
If you have a disability that prevents you from using
PRT service, you can apply as follows:
Request an Application
Start the process by calling the ACCESS program
oce to request an application. The purpose of
the application process is to determine whether
you can use PRT bus service and, if not, what
specic circumstances would prevent you from
independently getting to and from the bus stop
and riding the bus independently.
Participate in an In-Person Interview
and Mobility Evaluation
Once you have returned a completed
application you will be contacted to schedule an
appointment for an interview conducted at the
ACCESS program oce. Your appointment will be
conrmed in advance including the date, time and
location. Upon request, assistance is provided with
transportation to the appointment at no charge.
The process begins with a short interview where
you have the opportunity to explain your travel
abilities in more detail. A mobility evaluation
may be part of your appointment. This is a
“mock” bus trip designed and conducted by
independent professionals that provides a
better idea of your travel abilities and limitations.
The mobility evaluation considers your
functional ability, the environment in which you
will travel, and the barriers that may exist along
your path of travel.
ADA Program Application Process
ACCESS Transportation Systems
Centre City Tower
650 Smitheld Street, Suite 440
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3907
(412) 562-5353
T T Y 711
8 a.m.4:30 p.m.
Receive a Decision
You will be notied of your eligibility by letter
within 21 days after the entire application
process has been completed. If a decision about
your eligibility has not been made within 21
days, you are eligible to use the service for any
trip until a decision has been made and you have
been notied of your eligibility status.
If you do not agree with the decision
If you are determined not eligible, or if you do not
agree with the conditions established for your
use of ACCESS services, you may appeal the
decision by requesting a Case Review Appeal,
which must be led within 60 days of the date
you receive your eligibility notication letter. You
will receive specic instructions regarding the
Case Review Appeal Procedure in your eligibility
determination letter.
Need Help?
If you need assistance with any part of the
application, please call (412) 562-5353 or
TTY 711, Monday through Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
All materials are available in accessible formats
(Large print, Braille, Word or Text les via e-mail)
upon request.
Language Line services are available for
individuals who need an English language
Upon request, aids and services are provided
to communicate with people who have
communication disabilities.