The 65 Plus Program oers exible, door-to-door, shared-ride
transportation for people age 65 and older at an 85% discount from
regular ACCESS fares. This program is sponsored by Pittsburgh
Regional Transit, with funding from the Pennsylvania Lottery through
the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
65 Plus Program
Revised May 2024
Application Process
65 Plus Program applicants complete a short
application and provide one of the following
proofs of age:
Driver’s License
PA Photo ID Card
Birth Certicate
Naturalization papers
Armed Forces
Discharge papers
Applying by Mail/E-mail:
Request and submit forms via US mail or by
e-mail to
Only Government-issued photo ID is accepted
for mail or e-mail applications.
Applying in-person:
Apply at the ACCESS program oce, or at
community locations such as senior centers
and legislative oces.
These agencies have information about
other programs for older adults. At Allegheny
County Area Agency on Aging senior centers,
you can learn about a variety of services
including the Older Persons Transportation
(OPT) program. To nd a location near you, call
the ACCESS program oce.
65 Plus Service
Riders can use ACCESS service for any
destination within Allegheny County, and
destinations in adjoining counties within 1.5
miles of the county line. Rides are available
seven days per week, from 6 a.m. to midnight.
There are no restrictions on the purpose or
number of trips. This program gives riders
convenient, accessible transportation service
with professional, well-trained drivers.
Amenities include:
Door-to-door service, with driver assistance
throughout journey
Real-time trip tracking and alerts for trip
arrival and departure
Hand-to-hand service for riders who can’t be
left unattended
Electronic fare payment, so riders don’t have
to handle fares on-board
ACCESS Transportation Systems
Centre City Tower
650 Smitheld Street, Suite 440
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3907
(412) 562-5353
TTY 711
For information, visit
8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Need Help?
If you need help understanding ACCESS
programs or with any part of the application,
please call (412) 562-5353 or T TY 711.
All materials are available upon request in
accessible formats (Large print, Braille, Word
or Text les via e-mail).
VA Universal ID Card
Resident Alien Card
Age verication
from Social Security